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At Clean Earth Recycling, our efforts are concentrated on helping businesses manage their waste stream with as little effort as possible.  Whether recycling paper, plastics and electronics, we offer single stream collection to minimize sorting efforts and bin space.

Our services insure intellectual property remains safeguarded. We do not reuse, refurbish or resell our customers’ devices that are brought in for destruction at any time.  At our location, our technicians physically disassemble all data storage devices. These disassembled parts are then shredded into small pieces similar to wood chips insuring no data can be accessed or extracted. Our destruction process insures that our customer’s information does not leave our facility intact.

All raw materials are ground up and returned to the supply chain through our R2 certified entity; such as metals, batteries, plastic, and glass. This environmentally sound practices helps supply materials for new devices without creating a demand for mining.

Electronics Recycling

All confidential information brought to Clean Earth Recycling is destroyed, reducing liability and risk to our customers.

Technology Recycling
Certificates of destruction are available for organizations needing proof of destruction for risk management or audits.

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We offer single stream collection options to help businesses meet their sustainability goals to reduce and reuse.

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