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The term is used inclusively and encompasses all electronic items such as computers, televisions, fax machines, copiers, etc., that are no longer useful and must be disposed of.
In Arizona, there is no law banning e-waste specifically. However, municipalities often forbid e-waste dumping due to the hazards associated with the lead, cadmium and beryllium inside of electronics. These toxins leach into nearby ground water causing environmental hazards. New devices will need these materials, so it makes sense to collect the materials from the old devices and reuse them rather than mine new materials.
Yes. Upon request, we provide a certificate of destruction for valley businesses that send us their equipment for proper disposal.  This certificate provides proof that intellectual property other other valuable information was properly destroyed and recycled.
No. We happily remove any and items that you wish to have recycled.
Single stream recycling means all recyclables, like paper, plastic, and e-waste, are all collected together in one bin.  This means less bins throughout the building, as well as collection containers outside.  One truck can pick up all the recycling at once, on a schedule or an as-needed basis.

What We Recycle

Computers & Laptops

Servers & Networking


Cell Phones

IT Asset Management

 Printers & Fax Machines
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We offer free hauling and destruction for most business electronics that have a cord, or a battery.

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