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Across the Phoenix Metro Valley, customers want their old electronics recycled without revealing their confidential information, brand details and data.  For years, outdated devices have simply been left for regular waste collection or collecting dust on shelves. In a landfill, these electronics produce 70% of the toxins, while composing only 2% of the volume.  Clean Earth Recycling protects our customers and the environment.

While we specialize in electronics, we are happy to provide single-stream recycling collection for customers looking to expand their recycling efforts.  For example, this means soda cans, plastic bottles and newspapers can be collected altogether in one bin. Single-stream recycling aims to divert more waste from landfill by making it easier for businesses to recycle the waste.

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Pro Environment

Clean Earth Recycling is R-2 compliant, meaning all recycled material is handled in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

Single Source Solutions

We offer complete recycling and waste solutions such as single stream recycling, electronics destruction, trash and scrap hauling.

Protection of Intellectual Property

 Devices that store this data are shredded and sorted into raw materials, protecting the intellectual property from theft or duplication.

Clean Earth Recycling offers a complete array of  recycling  and waste services for the Phoenix Metro valley area- including removal of equipment, destruction of data and dissembling of common e-waste.

Properly recycling electronic equipment is important for pollution control.

E-waste contains toxic substances like mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic, which can cause cancer and reproductive disorders. Older computers and TVs can contain about 3-7 pounds of lead that can leech into the groundwater if placed in a landfill.

We offer free hauling for business customers.

We’ll collect electronics directly from your business! For commercial business looking to schedule a free e-waste pick up within the Phoenix Area, please fill our our contact form or call us.

Thank you for choosing Clean Earth Recycling for your recycling needs.

Data destruction certificates are available for data devices.

• Mechanical / SSD Hard Drives
• Cell Phone, PDA, Tablets
• Flash Memory, Thumb Drive
• DVD /Optical
• Magnetic tape, Asset tags
• SIM Cards
• Documents/ Notes left in devices

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We offer single stream collection options which helps businesses meet their sustainability goals to reduce and reuse.

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